The Darkest Timeline

How am I supposed to get anything done when Sherlock and Community are releasing the same week? First of all, let me just begin by saying that I have been a huge Community fan right from the airing of the first season. I can not emphasize how much I fell in love with that show (title of this blog), right from Jeff’s first monologue. When NBC announced that the show was going to be cancelled right after the second season I was furious, “six seasons and a movie!” I demanded. So far, the first couple of seasons were phenomenal. The fourth season, however was a huge letdown. Actually it was so bad, it was almost depressing. I don’t even want to talk about it. In fact, its probably best to pretend it didn’t exist at all. With Dan Harmon leaving, the entire show spiraled down into a pile of shit. I endured.
Then it was announced that Dan Harmon would be returning for the fifth season. There was hope. The show could be saved yet. True, Chevy Chase will be gone and the show still needs to be pulled out of a ditch , but with Dan Harmon’s ingenuity the original Community I loved can be resurrected for sure!
So I was really counting on season 5 to pull things around. After watching the first two episodes ‘Repilot’ and ‘Introduction to Teaching’ I had mixed feelings. I get it. Its hard trying to smooth things over. Its hard finding a reason for everyone to end up in Greendale again and make it work. But I mean Pierce is dead and his hologram tells Jeff not to screw Greendale? And what is the deal with Chang/Kevin (yes, he is funny but…) why is he still around? Yet the episodes were and not terrible. Then I hear that Donald Glover is leaving. This really puts me off. Troy is leaving. The whole Troy and Abed relationship is one if the greatest highlights of this show. What about ‘Troy and Abed in the Morning’? What about the pillow forts? The handshakes? Inspector Space Time!! Losing Pierce was bad enough but I think Troy leaving would throw the whole show off balance. This might actually be the darkest timeline. That is when I realized something. Some things are better left just as they are. I wanted six seasons and a movie but maybe four terrific seasons are better than six seasons of a patchy show. Maybe its better to jump rather then try to save a sinking ship. We don’t need more sketchy episodes like we don’t need another Shrek movie. Although I continue to watch this show I think the first three seasons were a masterpiece in themselves.