Sherlock is Back!


After what seemed like ages and eons of time, Sherlock finally returned for Season 3, episode 1: The Empty Hearse. The amount of expectations I had for this show were tremendous and YES, it was amazing! Seriously did not disappoint this time. So I’m going to go ahead and recap the show without fangirling too much.

The different fan theories: I loved both of them. Anderson’s involves an elaborate scheme which includes Derren Brown and uses advanced technology to create a mask resembling Moriarty on the spot. It was all Mission Impossible like. He even even swoops in through the window bungee jumping and makes out with the leading lady. Classic. I almost wish this was real.

The second fan theory was probably taken directly from a ‘Morelock’ or whatever that is fan fiction. It was downright hilarious. Moriarty and Sherlock giggled like schoolboys while they pushed an effigy taped with a mask with Sherlock’s face on it down the building. Then they made out. Awesome. Its like all the internet fantasies are coming true.

 photo mrelock_zpscb935c88.gif

Sherlock’s Parents: I think one of the biggest, most unexpected shocks was getting to meet Sherlock’s parents. As John put it, they are so ordinary. How do you have two brilliant children like that? Clearly it wasn’t genetics. I thought the whole scene was very cute. But why are Sherlock’s parents being introduced? I am anticipating the foundation for their role in future episodes. This is a whole other side of Sherlock. He seemingly doesn’t care about his parents (not as much as Mrs.Hudson it would seem) yet he told them about him faking the suicide. He didn’t want them to worry? More people that care about Sherlock. More weakness?

John: I really loved John’s reaction when Sherlock reveals himself at the restaurant. I was anticipating the reaction because this is something difficult and would have probably ruined my opinion on this episode had it not been portrayed just right. This reveals how amazing an actor Martin Freeman is. I like how he tackles Sherlock to the floor and later punches him in the nose as the keep changing settings throughout the night.

It looks like all the Sherlock/John shippers and fan fiction out there really influenced the show with all those gay references.

JOHN: I’ve met someone…We’re getting married. Well, I’m going to ask anyway.

MRS.HUDSON: So soon after Sherlock?

um… well yes.

Whats his name?

Its a woman.

A woman?!

Well yes, of course its a woman.

You really have moved on, haven’t you…

Mrs.Hudson! how many times?.. Sherlock was not my boyfriend.

Live and let live. Thats my motto.

Listen to me. I am not gay!

This conversation. ♥

 photo notgay_zpsa6077af8.gif

But really, I felt like this episode was loaded with a lot of character exposition focusing on relationships. i.e. Sherlock and John, Sherlock and Mycroft and his parents Sherlock and Molly, and even some Mary/Sherlock/John.

Mary: I find Mary interesting. I feel like she is going to be a big part of the upcoming episodes. For starters she takes Sherlock side immediately. Also when I paused at the scene where he is trying to deduce things from her a lot of words pop up and some more frequently than others. ‘Secret’ comes up a couple of times and the word ‘liar’ comes up several times. What is this in reference to? Is there more than meets the eye? Also, ‘tattoo’ comes up a couple times. I can only wonder where.

Sherlock’s motorcycle skills: Apparently Sherlock is rather great at driving the motorcycle. He even speeds down several flights of stairs in a grand feat with his super in-built GPS. Perhaps the thought of losing John brought out the action hero side of him. It was very touching to see the way he rescues him. I think that whole scene just brought them together a little more.

Mycroft: What is the deal with Mycroft? So he is just as brilliant and smart as Sherlock now? After a game of chess/operation and he reveals that his deduction skills might be on par with Sherlock’s. Also he learns Serbian in a couple of hours. Okay. I felt like this is quite different from the Mycroft shown in the previous seasons.

I  liked this scene because it gave a sort of peek into their complicated sibling relationship. And how much Mycroft hates musicals.

Molly (and more importantly) her boyfriend: WTF? That is about as elegantly as I can put it. Both John and Molly’s lovers seemed intriguing and suspicious to me. There is something seriously wrong with her boyfriend, apart from the obvious creepy-pseudo Sherlock thing. I feel like he might have something to do with John’s abduction and the man with the glasses. Sherlock’s new-found enemy.

Sherlock and his version: Sherlock’s personality was slightly different in this episode. He seems more capable of emotion; more human. Like how he says

“the one person that he thought didn’t matter at all to me, was the one person who mattered the most.”

*swoons* to Molly. Is there something in store for them in the future? Could it be? (Despite the creeper fiancé of hers of course.) Not only towards Molly but, also towards Mycroft and John, he seemed more emotional and understanding at a human level; though he tells Mary he knows nothing about ‘humans’ or ‘nature’. Apart from that he is also more funny in this episode which makes him seem more lighthearted than usual like pretending to be an Italian waiter!?

Although the actual conflict the titled “empty hearse” storyline only began after three fourths of the episode the bomb scare climax was heart racing. It is one of the best climaxes I’ve seen, especially with Sherlock’s cockiness. Overall this episode was fulfilling after a two year long agonizing wait.