5 Reasons to Detest Daisy Bhuchanan

So, I watched the film The Great Gatsby (the 2013 Baz Lurhmann one) yesterday and having read the book a while back, I think the movie did a really good job of portraying it. The actors cast, including Carey Mulligan as Daisy, were great in their roles. (The music, although amazing, seemed sort of out-of-placeish for the time period:-/). That being said, the movie also reminded me of how much I detest the characters in that novel. Its hard for me to identify which character annoys me the most, but Daisy Bhuchanan would be a good bet. Here are five reasons why:

    1. She is selfish and egotistic: She falls in love with Gatsby in the first place thinking that he is rich and prestigious when he comes to her house, and later, ditches him when she finds out he is poor and marries Tom instead(who happens to be rich and in high social standing). Afterwards, when she finds out he is loaded, she starts seeing Gatsby again. But when the fact that he is not from a high status family and his past as a poor farmer’s boy is revealed, she jumps ship yet again.
    2. She knows that her husband, Tom, is having an extramarital affair, yet she chooses to ignore this, because… well, it really just boils down to the fact that he is socially prominent and rich.
    3. She lets Gatsby take the blame for the car crash: Ok, so even if she is selfish and doesn’t give a damn, if she had even an ounce of dignity or self-respect she would have confessed. Why is it okay for her to get away with it? Just because she is the ‘coveted female’, she can get away with anything gratis. Even murder, it seems. This is exactly the sort of thing I hate. Where, a guy runs around behind the unattainable ‘dream girl’ and she thinks it is her right to get all these concessions. She should have confessed. Period.
    4. She basically uses Gatsby: She knows that she isn’t going to leave her husband and marry Gatsby; she also knows how serious he is about her. Instead of being clear about her intentions, she just leads him on and toys with his emotions. “Let’s just have fun!” she says, and continues the affair with no regard whatsoever to future consequences. If she was just straight-up honest about her intentions from the beginning, it would have saved him the heartache and he might have moved on.
    5. Not only is she completely irresponsible and careless, she is also cold and heartless: I think, indirectly, but ultimately, she is to be blamed for Gatsby’s death. If she had confessed to the murder, he might still be alive. Also, instead of leaving, he stayed back in his house waiting and hoping for her phone call( which would never come of course). In the end, she just leaves, conveniently; like the whole thing is somebody else’s mess to clean up. She doesn’t even have the decency to show up at the funeral.